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October Yoga Therapy Special
5 One-hour sessions for $295
~ space is limited ~

For physical and mental wellness

Anxiety and Emotions

Take on anxiety from within! Learn how to systematically relax and restore energy, respond to stress in healthy ways, improve sleep habits, and foster self-compassion.

Jools' degree in depth psychology, specialized training, six years of clinical psychotherapy practice, and personal experience with anxiety, panic disorder, and complex PTSD enables her to expertly and sensitively co-create a deep sense of safety, confidence, and resilience, and cultivate moment-to-moment attention and perspective with her students.

Jools teaches with keen sensitivity to past trauma, using scientifically backed practices of physical movement (asana), breath (pranayama), and meditation / mindfulness approaches in this work.

Ongoing weekly yoga therapy is recommended for best results.
Private therapy is ideal.

Fitness / Rehabilitation

Gain strength and flexibility, improve overall health and lifestyle choices.

Improve movement and attitude after an injury or illness. Yoga therapy's wholistic approach helps physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Ongoing weekly yoga therapy is recommended for best results.
Private therapy is ideal.

Mobility challenges

Jools has been working with students with MS for the last 3 years; students report that their quality of life improves markedly and that they become better at handling intermittent setbacks. We work together to build on strengths, improve habits and lifestyle choices, feel safer in our surroundings, and maintain focus and motivation.

PLEASE NOTE: We use gentle movement, very gradually introduced breath control, mindfulness, and relaxation techniques. Students are encouraged to consult with their doctor or other health care professionals about participation before beginning yoga therapy. In some cases, and at Jools' discretion, a doctor's permission note may be requested.

Ongoing weekly yoga therapy is recommended for best results.
Private therapy is ideal. Semi-private (2 only) will be considered.

Online Yoga Therapy rates
(reduced during covid-19 restrictions):

Individual: $75 / 60 min; $85 / 75 minutes; $95 / 90 min
Ask for 5- and 10-session discounts (up to 15% reduction)

4-month Accelerated Plan
Make greater changes in a shorter period of time. Each week: 1.5 hours in-studio (remote when required) for asana / physical yoga therapy and relaxation, 1 hour Zoom video meeting for breathing exercises and chanting.

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Sliding scale by application; commitment of 8 (ideally weekly) visits required; weekly pre-payments okay

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