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- Sept 8 - Dec 15 -
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Sundays 7 - 8:15 pm
10 - 11:15 am
Thursdays* 10 - 11 am

no classes Oct 11, 13, 15
*on Friday Oct 30 & Nov 6

Suitable for all levels and abilities
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Sept 13 - Dec 13
7 - 8:15 pm (75 minutes)
•• no class Oct 11 ••

Gentle Movement & Yoga Nidra
Deep Relaxation

The intention of this class is to provide deeply nourishing and relaxing techniques to restore body and soul.

We open with gentle seated movement; restorative yoga poses lead to yoga nidra -  a sensory-based practice involving body awareness and tension release, as well as guided visualization and breathing techniques.

Prepare a spot ahead of time with plenty of pillows and blankets on hand to add comfort and support. Please do your best to keep household distractions at a minimum.

Contact me if you have special set up requirements or want suggestions for accommodating your needs.

Shown above: a simple setup for sivasana or yoga nidra using three cotton blankets (one under each arm and a rolled blanket under the knees), a firm head support to keep the face level if needed, and two small household cushions. You may need more or less. I often use folded soft washcloths for tucking under shoulders or to place over eyes to darken. The whole body should feel completely at rest. Place hands lightly on the belly if it provides more comfort through the shoulders or arms.

Have a blanket or shawl for placing over you as well, as we cool quickly when on the floor and still.

Practice setting up a few times beforehand so you can get comfortable easily during class. This saves time in the long run and classes are calmer.*

*For a deluxe props package that will provide you with superb comfort and support for years, see the Register & Contact page.

Sept 8 - Dec 15

10 - 11:15 am (75 minutes)
•• no class Oct 13 ••

Therapeutic Yoga for Strength & Stress Relief
(floor and chair yoga options included)

Get ready on your mat with any blocks or other props that you use. Also have a couple of blankets on hand. After a grounding meditation, we do a variety of warmups, then move into some strengthening poses and flows; chair, standing, balance, and floor poses; each class ends with somatic meditation, guided body awareness, and/or other calming techniques.

Suitable for chair practice and for those in wheelchairs.

Contact me if you have special set up requirements or want suggestions for accommodating your needs.

Sept 10 - Dec 17
 10 - 11 am (60 minutes)
•• no class Oct 15 ••

Chair Yoga 
with Somatic Meditation, Pranayama, Chanting

Move movement - more accessibility!

Breath control builds confidence, stamina, and regulates the nervous system. Chanting is an embodied form of meditation that nurtures mind and body, while somatic meditation is grounding, calming, and emotionally balancing.

New chants are introduced with real-time instruction and practice; for each chant, a vocal recording along with a written sheet are provided for at-home practice if desired.

Set up in a spot off the beaten path where you can sit in meditation, move, and chant without distraction. Your comfort and safety is of utmost importance.

Contact me if you have special set up requirements or want suggestions for accommodating your needs.

Choose your props and
set up carefully

A regular sturdy folding chair, solid armless dining chair, or your wheelchair are all suitable. Adjust footrests or use yoga blocks or 2 books of equal height to bring thighs parallel to the floor and distribute weight evenly through the hips and legs. Having a mat or carpet underneath helps prevent slippage; placing the back legs of the chair at the base of a wall is another way of setting up securely.

A blanket on the chair seat can provide more comfort. If sitting away from the back of the chair is
difficult, a well-positioned, firm cushion behind can help.
We strive to sit with a balanced, engaged, and elongated spine.

It is important that you feel safe and comfortable for your practice. Don't be discouraged if this takes a bit of trial and error.

Please feel free to contact me for individual set-up assistance, if desired.

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