Spring Newsletter, cont.


What a relief! And even though there are still considerable sacrifices to be made, this springtime is dangling its enticements before us, just as past ones have done.

And when I am able to distance myself a little from the intense experiences of personal and global suffering and stress I can recognize that, historically, it is adversity that shifts societies most profoundly -- and the best outcomes happen when we respond creatively and as supportive, close-to-home communities. It's a lot of work.

That takes me to what I am doing next. I will say right away that it's not crystal clear, but I am working on something significant and new (for me).

Since March 2020 I have taught entirely online - sometimes up to 20 hours per week. I have learned a lot about providing instruction to students in far-flung locations from my iPad. While it greatly increases accessibility, screen-oriented teaching and learning are exhausting, and important biopsychosocial pieces missing. I wound down to 1 class per week this last term, and now I am taking a complete break from teaching for two terms - I will return Fall 2021 with some new offerings.

Over the spring and summer I am working to establish an exciting new enterprise that incorporates inclusive multi-disciplinary yoga and movement in innovative, playful, non-class formats. I am in the thick of finding partners to work and create with and I'm writing a business plan to help secure financial support. I have registered a business name (no reveal yet!) and had many Zoom meetings thus far. I am researching and writing. Early stages.

In the meantime, I continue to work with individuals privately as a yoga and movement therapist. I limit myself to 8 appointments per week, and right now I have some slots open, though that can change quickly both ways - a waitlist is used when needed. For most, 2 sessions a week is most effective and the lowest cost-per-session option. Click on the button below to see prices.

Since I work with some who have compromised immune systems I will be doing this on Zoom (as mentioned, I've had lots of practice) until covid-19 vaccinations have been administered to the majority of the population. After that I will have accessible private practice space available for in-person work.

I primarily work with anxiety, MS, RA, fibromyalgia, myofascial / chronic pain, general strength training, and spinal rehab.

Also, I am an Approved Behaviour Interventionist through British Columbia's Ministry of Child and Family Development Autism Funding Program and have worked with children of all ages.

Happy Spring
Happy Summer
Keep in touch, and see you in the fall.