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I earned a Bachelor of Arts in depth psychology and creative writing from Antioch University Seattle in 1995. Depth psychology delves into individual and collective aspects of our creative, spiritual, and cultural being. During my degree program I explored human psychology and the creative process through art, writing, religions, and wisdom tradition studies and was fortunate to attend events with my classes featuring such stellar human beings as Stephen Hawking, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

The gratitude I hold in my heart for the educational experience at Antioch still beats strong. The university and my professors were champions of inclusion, justice, and environmental stewardship long before most institutions recognized colonialism / capitalism, systemic racism, and gender inequity as worthy of our consideration. We continually analyzed the content of our courses and learning within those contexts.

My practicum involved a year of supervised volunteer work as a counsellor in a mental health facility focusing on suicide. Post-grad training and experience includes advanced counselling, expressive play therapy, and hypnotherapy. I have over a decade of full-time clinical experience as a counsellor and therapist in multi-disciplinary health and wellness clinics. 

My yoga therapy training included interning at a busy clinic in Chennai, India in 2018. I have also taken many extra courses in anatomy and physiology, somatics, various movement practices, pain care, trauma-informed yoga, and meditation. I have taught in yoga studios for over 10 years and trained teachers in 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered programs for 6 years.

Becoming a yoga therapist has allowed me to marry psychology with a practice of deeply embodied awareness, a pairing sorely missing in both traditional counselling / psychotherapy and fitness modalities.

My education, clinical work, teaching experience, and personal history have led me to focus on areas of mental wellness including PTSD, anxiety, depression, and addictions, as well as aging, physical recovery post-illness or injury, and increasing overall strength and mobility. Of course, we enter all of these through befriending and moving the body. I have taken 300+ hours of anatomy studies to augment my certifications and practice.

I have taught trauma-informed yoga programs through several agencies in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, both as a volunteer and as a contractor.

I am an Approved Behaviour Interventionist through British Columbia's Ministry of Child and Family Development Autism Funding Program and have worked with children of all ages.

Working with those facing mobility challenges and systemic conditions, particularly RA & MS, is especially rewarding and was the focus of much of my yoga therapy practicum.

Life has shown me many times over that it is not straightforward or linear in nature, but infinitely dimensional, multi-faceted, and rich.

For most of the last 30 years or so I have worked in the creative side of media and publishing as a writer, editor, photographer, and, following a diploma program and  apprenticeship in Los Angeles, a graphic designer.

I have worked as primary editor on dozens of published fiction and non-fiction books, and have had three of my own books published. I have also worked in journalism as a reporter and weekly newspaper editor and as a copywriter for a variety of clients.

I continue to accept occasional work as a writer / editor / designer / producer of new book or other publishing projects. Email me for more information if you have a project underway.

"When the structure of discipline works, it begins to dissolve."
~ Erich Schiffmann

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