Currently available online only
available September 7, 2020

Relieve Pain
& Restore Health

Millions of people from all walks of life suffer from back pain that interferes with work, play, mood, and ongoing fitness routines.

If you are one of them, consider the Back Essentials program,
an inclusive, lifestyle-focused program based on proven yoga therapy approaches to restoring
back health and managing pain response.

Back Essentials includes:

• 2 one-hour live online individual instructional yoga therapy sessions
(includes health history intake)
• 3 follow-up 20-minute live online sessions
• printable, easy-to-follow
individualized practice sheets 
• printable practice logs / journalling guidance to monitor progress
• unlimited access to recorded practice lessons addressing specific back health topics


• 2 live online
Gentle Movement & Yoga Nidra classes (Sundays 7 - 8:15 pm)
•monthly back care tips sent to
your email


Live online
~space is limited~

Full program available
September 7, 2020
If you require help prior to this, please refer to the Yoga Therapy page

Back Essentials is NOT a quick fix!
You will learn to productively handle setbacks and establish positive response
to back pain.
Practice and long-term commitment are key.

*Schedule set upon registration.

Take your back health into
your own hands!

Jools' studies and clinical work

• advanced anatomy and physiology
• pain care science
• gentle movement for pain
• yoga therapy for spinal conditions
• nervous system regulation through movement, breath, and meditation

She has trained / certified with renown pain expert, physiotherapist, and yoga therapist
Neil Pearson, PT, C-IAYT,
back health researcher and yoga therapist
Robin Rothenberg,
Anatomy Trains author
Tom Myers & KMI trainers
(fascial meridians),
physiotherapist and experiential anatomy expert
Judith Lasater, and
Dr. David Li Lam, MD, DCTM, RMT;
among others.

Jools' students and clients include those with chronic conditions from repetitive motion or postural weakness, those seeking help to recover from surgery or accidents,
and individuals with systemic conditions such as MS and autoimmune diseases, and PTSD and complex PTSD. Read more ...

Back Essentials offers those who suffer with back pain a series of simple, short practices
that can provide lasting relief and improved wellbeing.

Back Essentials students will:

• develop body awareness to improve confidence and balance
• improve posture and joint positioning
• strengthen key muscle groups
• increase flexibility and mobility
• learn to move, lift, and respond to changes in ways that are less harmful
• learn techniques to relax chronic tension
• respond mindfully to pain
•develop healthy habits that support optimal long-term spinal mobility

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